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Dolomite Bio, single-cell technology and you: 4 promotional packages to support your research

Dolomite Bio is pleased to announce that we are releasing promotional packages to support ongoing research on COVID-19/ Coronavirus, immunology and human health all over the wold. If you are working in these areas of research, particularly on COVID-19, we would like to help! Reading more on investigating immunity on the Nadia platform here.

Our packages include

  • 20% off all 40-sample Cartridge and Chip packages
  • Buy a reagent kit and get the associated cartridge/s (8 samples) for free

We also have great discounts on our Nadia Instrument and Nadia Innovate. Log in to our webshop to see prices or contact using the form below to ask for a quote today!

? Webshop ?

The terms and conditions of the offer can be found here.